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Oven Baking Instructions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Remove plastic wrap. Slide pizza and white baking sheet from cardboard circle and place directly on oven rack. DO NOT PLACE CARDBOARD CIRCLE INTO OVEN.

Bake 12-18 minutes, until cheese is bubbly and crust is nicely browned. (Cook 9" pizzas for 8-10 minutes.)


Baking Tips:

Bake only one pizza at a time.
Be sure the special baking paper does not touch the side of the oven.
Baking paper may discolor, which is normal.
Every oven bakes a little differently. Check the bottom of the crust before you slide the pizza back onto the cardboard circle.
Let cool a minute, then slice and enjoy!

Grilling Instructions

For an enjoyable twist to your favorite food, try cooking your pizza on the grill – it's very easy!


Weber Kettle-Type Grills:

Use a small quantity of charcoal briquettes, 15-20 will do. Light and allow briquettes to get fully hot. Push briquettes to outside edges of the kettle's base. Put pizza on foil for a soft crust, or right on the grill for a crisp crust.

Set grill at highest level. Put cover on grill with bottom vents closed and top vents partially open.

Cook for 15-20 minutes. Time will vary with the amount of charcoal and size of pizza.


Open-Top Grills:

Follow the "Weber Kettle-Type Grills" instructions, above, for a soft or crispy crust. Instead of a lid, make a bonnet of foil with holes in the top. Use the bonnet to cover the pizza and allow pizza to cook thoroughly.


Gas Grills:


Put the pizza on the grill according to the instructions above for a soft or crispy crust.

Start gas and put on the lowest setting. Lower lid and check pizza periodically.


Grilling Tips:
Too hot and the crust will curl.
The slower the grill cooking, the better.

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